Simplifying how you digital assets.

Simplifying how you
digital assets.

Buy Bitcoin Instantly With Your Credit Card

Coinblok is America’s first in-person, over-the-counter digital asset exchange

Coinblok makes digital assets more accessible for all by providing the most simple, instant, and secure solution to buy, sell, and invest in digital assets, over-the-counter and in-person. Say goodbye to online delays, security threats, and common hassles of web-based exchanges. At Coinblok, we believe in transparency, and we are building a physical and tangible face that consumers can trust.




Meet the

Founding Team

Mark Kiran, Esq.
Mark Kiran, Esq. Advisor

Thomas Sands, Esq.
Thomas Sands, Esq. Co-Founder & General Counsel

Justin Sohn
Justin Sohn Co-Founder & CEO

Jared Sohn, Esq.
Jared Sohn, Esq. Advisor, Legal

Why do we exist?

Coinblok™ will make world currencies more accessible for all. Digital and fiat currency markets currently have a glaring void, and Coinblok™ is the solution for instantly exchanging digital assets and fiat securely, in-person, at physical retail-service stores across the world.